Welcome to the SCTCE Alumni Association official website. The vision is to create a comprehensive database of our alumni and to serve as a platform for all of us to come together, travel down the nostalgia lane to the past, rekindle lost friendships and forge new ones. While we do that, lets collaborate to give something back to the institution that helped shape who we are today, hence shaping the future, in return. Very few enterprises do that - intertwine the past, present and the future. Let's work together proactively to make this platform useful for us, the college and the future alumni. If you are a former student of SCTCE, wait no longer! Register and recommend your fellow batch mates and friends to do the same.
We hope you find SCTCE Alumni Association official website useful. Don't hesitate to send your comments & suggestions to sctcealumni@gmail.com

New Members

Soja Nizam : 2005 ec

Ashwin M : 2015 ec

Mahesh Baiju : 2012 ec

Aravind JP : 2009 me

Manoj Ramachandran : 2002 me

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  • 'Aneesh - Arun Memorial' Award is the award given by the 199